utopia three

Utopia, two


The name Utopia refers particularly to a type of society with ideal economic and social conditions. People often apply the adjective utopian to plans of reform that they consider to be impractical and visionary.


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You get to design a new country, society, world.


12. What sort of social-political consciousness would your country have: radical, liberal, moderate, conservative, reactionary; a mixture or all of the above?

13. What sort of lifestyle would people lead? Would a strong nuclear family be the central unit? Would there be singles, cohabiting, divorce, gay couples, single-parenthood, extended families, communal living?

14. Would there be regionalism, a sense of nationhood, or would people care only about their village, town or city, or all of the above?

15. Would people be nationalistic, patriotic, moderate, cosmopolitan, globalized, or don’t care?

16. What would be the social status of women and men?


17. What would be the official or main language (and dialect or accent) of your new country?

18. Would there be other languages spoken? Would your country be monolingual, bilingual or multilingual? Would there be other regional dialects and accents?

19. Would its alphabet and writing system be phonetic or non-phonetic?


20. In terms of religion, would people be very devout, religious, secular, agnostic, atheist or a mixture?

21. What role would religion play? Would people attend church daily, weekly (on Sundays), sometimes, occasionally or only for baptisms, marriages and funerals?

22. Would there be no, a few, some or many religious buildings? Would they hold services and serve worshipers or serve as museums and historical buildings?

23. What sort of values, ideals, belief systems and attitudes would people have?



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