Discos, Clubs


A disco (or discotheque, nightclub, or club) is an establishment where people gather at night to drink, dance, and “party” to the backdrop of loud dance music.

Most clubs or club nights cater to certain music genres.

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1. I go to discos and clubs. True or false?

2. How often do you go to discos?

3. All my friends and classmates go to discos. Yes or no?

4. Do you have a favorite club or disco? Why is that? Describe it.

5. How old were you when you first went to a disco?

The City

6. Approximately how many discos or clubs are there in your town or city?

7. There are no discos in villages or small towns. True or false?

8. Clubs are more popular during the summer. Yes or no?

9. What are the opening hours of discos and clubs? When are the peak hours? On what days are they busiest?

The Club

10. What food and drinks do they serve at clubs or discos?

11. What music do they play at clubs? What are some popular club music?

12. Is there a DJ there? How is he or she?

13. How much does it cost to get in?

14. How much are the drinks?

15. There’s an minimum age to enter. True or false?

16. Are there bouncers? Describe them.


17. How do people dress at clubs or discos?

18. Are the people who go there “regulars” or do you see different people or both?

19. What is the age range of the people who go to clubs?

20. What do people do at clubs?

21. When do people go to discos? What time do they leave?

22. Do strangers, outsiders or foreigners come to your club or disco? Who are they? Where are they from?

23. Do people usually meet their girlfriends and boyfriends at discos and clubs?


24. Does your friend work or has your friend worked at a club or disco? How is it or how was it?

25. Would you like to work in a disco or club?

26. Discos are good business. True or false?

27. Would you like to be disco manager? I would like to own a club. Yes or no?

28. Is there a high turnover of discos, i.e. new ones opening up, “old” ones closing down?


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