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Names, three

Everyone has a name. Some people have many names. In most countries people have at least two names, a given name and a family name.

The family name is a hereditary name borne by all the members of the family. It is also called a surname or last name, because in some countries it comes after the given name. A given, or first name, distinguishes between the members of a family.

The given names, and the family name together make up a person’s legal name.

Greek, Hebrew, Christian Names

23. In your nation, what are the national or local forms of the following names: John (gracious gift of God), Mary (which may mean bitter), David (beloved), Elizabeth (oath of God), James (may God protect, or one who takes the place of another), Joseph (the Lord shall add), Hannah (God has favored me), Samuel (God has heard), Nicholas, Peter, Mathew, Simon, Michael, Andrew, Thomas, Bartholomew, Mark, Magdalene, Paul, Luke, Jesus (is Jesus a given name for boys in your country?)

24. Alexander (helper of humanity), Barbara (stranger), George (farmer), Helen (light), Margaret (pearl), Philip (lover of horses), and Stephen (crown or garland), Nancy (grace), Susan (lily), Patricia (of noble birth), Victor (conqueror), and Virginia (pertaining to spring), Julia (downy face), Daniel, Chris.

Meaning or Origin of some Names

25. People in our country have surnames corresponding to Hill, Wood, Lake, Brook, Stone, or Ford because of their location. Is this correct or wrong?

26. Do people in your country have surnames reflecting an occupation such as Smith, Bell, Swan, Baker, Carpenter, Clarke, Cook, Miller, and Taylor?

27. Many people took surnames from their father’s given name. Practically every language has a suffix or prefix meaning “son of.” What are they in your nation? Give examples.

Aliases, Pseudonym, Pen Names

28. There have been many people who used pseudonyms, pen names or aliases. True or false? Who were some famous people that used aliases?

29. What can you say about superheroes?

30. All celebrities (actors, singers, TV personalities) have “stage names”. Is this right or wrong?

31. Do celebrities always, usually, often, sometimes, seldom, rarely or never change their names? Why do they do this? Who are some examples?

32. Everyone has a username when using the internet. Yes or no?

33. What might happen in the future?

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