body language two

Body Language, two



Explain and interpret the following situations.

Part Three

12. You call your friend on Saturday and ask if she wants to come over to your house and watch some movies. She says, “Uh … well … I’m really sorry, but … I’m really busy right now.”

13. Nicholas is giving a talk about the features of a new photocopier to a room full of company clients. As he does so he keeps coming into direct eye contact with one of the attendees.

14. Ryan smiles broadly as he explains to Mr. and Mrs. Farrington that the dinning table is made of 100% mahogany.

15. Peter notices two female classmates from his class sitting on a mall bench, giggling to each other as he walks by.

16. Professor Bartholomew pauses and rubs his chin as he answers a student’s question.



Part Four

17. Isiah is waiting for the bus at a bus stop with about half-a-dozen others. Suddenly someone he has never seen before approaches him and says how nice the weather is.

18. Sam and Wendy are walking down the street of a remote village in central Africa (or China, India, Brazil). Everyone stares at them.

19. Patrons in an internet cafe stare transfixed at the their screens.

20. You notice somebody talking to himself as he is walking down the street.

21. Fans in a football stadium are jumping up and down and screaming.

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