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The Family, two


The family fulfills many important functions in society, but the kinds of functions vary from one culture to another. In most societies, the family is the social unit into which children are born.

The family also provides protection and training for the children. Human beings are born helpless and need care for several years after birth. Family life also helps children become familiar with the culture of their society.


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Family Ties

12. Are families in your country very close? Do people in your country have very close family ties?

13. How often do adults visit their parents? How often do they visit you?

14. Do you have close ties with your relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents)? How often do you visit your relatives? How often do they visit you?

15. Which nations have close family ties? Which ethnic groups have loose family ties?

16. Are families closer in the city or in the country? Give examples.

17. Do you often have family gatherings? Who attends them? How do you celebrate them?

Family Relationships

18. Who has more authority in a household, the mother (wife), the father (husband), the children? Who make the final decision? Or is it shared by everyone?

19. Do you have to do household chores or tasks? What task do you have to do in the house?

20. Do parents have much control or influence on their children’s future? What do your parents want for your future? What do they wish you will do?

21. Do people feel closer to relatives and family members they don’t particular get along with; or to friends and strangers that they do get along with; or both?

22. Are there differences in family life in different parts of your country? Are there differences in family values between rural and urban areas?


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