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Internet, three

The Internet originated in the United States in the 1960s. At first, only the armed forces and computer experts used it.

The World Wide Web developed during the 1990’s, making the Internet much easier to use. By the 2000’s, ordinary people could easily find information, communicate, and publish content on the Internet.

Widespread use of the Internet has reshaped society. Since the Web developed, new industries have sprung up to take advantage of the Internet’s capabilities. Other industries have struggled to adapt.

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23. Has the internet made many people redundant? Has the internet cause many people to be laid off from their jobs? How and why? Is this good or bad?

24. Has the internet collapsed or bankrupted many businesses and industries? If yes, which ones? Why have they folded (collapsed)?

25. Online reading is replacing many book, newspaper and magazine publishers out of business. Yes or no?

26. Is the internet making the music record and video movie industries redundant?

27. Youtube is outcompeting broadcast television. Do you agree?


28. The internet will undermine autocracy and oppression, and promote freedom, democracy and liberty. True or false?

29. The internet will reduce wars, conflicts and tension and bring love, peace and brotherhood/sisterhood throughout the world.

30. The internet is killing off diversity and turning humanity into one big, giant, homogeneous monoglot. Yes or no?

31. What do you think of online voting? Is this a good or bad idea? Why?

Physiology and Psychology

32. The internet is making people fat and lazy. Is this correct or wrong?

33. Can the internet become addictive? I know people who are addicted to the internet. True or false?

34. Is everyone becoming glued to the internet? Is this good, bad, both, or neither?

35. People are accepting the internet as a new medium for hobbies, work, business, daily activities.

36. Everyone’s whole life will revolved around the internet. What do you think?


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