Manufacturing is the industry that makes cars, books, clothing, furniture, paper, pencils, and thousands of other products.

The word manufacture comes from the Latin words manus (hand) and facere (to make). But today, manufacturing means the making of articles by machinery as well as by hand.

Manufacturing plants have great importance to the welfare of their communities. When a factory hires 100 workers, for example, it also creates about 175 jobs outside the factory. These include jobs for canteen staff, clerks, and other people who provide the factory employees with the goods and services they need.

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In General

1. There are lots of manufacturing plants in my city and country. True or false? If yes, what do they produce?

2. Manufacturing is an important part of the economy. Is this right or wrong?

3. Do the government and people promote and encourage industry and manufacturing?

4. How has manufacturing developed in your city? What is the history of manufacturing in your city and country?

5. Is the manufacturing sector changing? If yes, how is it changing? Is this good, bad, both good and bad, neither, in-between or it depends?

6. What will happen in the future?

People and Society

7. People like to work in factories. Is this correct or incorrect? Are people glad to have factories and manufacturing jobs in their city?

8. Are factory workers satisfied with their work, are they unsatisfied, do they have mixed feelings or it depends? What do they wish for their children?

9. Are factory workers considered poor, working class, middle-class, upper-middle-class, rich, all of the above or it depends?

10. Have there been any negative aspects of manufacturing or factories?

11. Have some manufacturing plants shut down, relocated, closed or gone out of business? Why did this happen?

12. How do people and the government feel about closed factories?



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