Army, I


Army is the branch of a nation’s armed forces that is trained to fight on land. An army consists of ground troops, their weapons and equipment, and military bases.


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A. Serving in the army, personally

1. A stint in the army would be good for Ernie — and Betty. Do you agree?

2. Upon finishing secondary (high) school, all young adults should go through boot camp (basic training), though not necessarily actually serving in the armed forces. What do you think?

3. Is your country’s military very harsh, strict and disciplined?

4. Sandra and Caroline should be permitted to fight in battles.

B. Military and Government, Politics

5. What sort of military does your country have? a) a real, conventional, professional military, b) a ceremonial army, c) a counter-insurgency army d) a policing army.

6. The Army (top military commanders) should have a greater say (more influence) in political matters. Do you agree?

7. How much influence and power does the military in your country have over the government and, or society? Is this good, bad, both or it depends?

8. Governments should spend less on the military, and reduce its size.

9. All governments should follow the Costa Rican model, i.e. have no military.

C. Geopolitics, Strategy

10. Which nations have tough, strong armies?

11. Does your nation belong to any military alliances? Who are some of its other members?

12. Who are your country’s “enemies” or potential enemies?

13. Does your country manufacture all, most or some of its weaponry/military hardware, or does it import them?

14. Are there paramilitary units or organizations in your country? Who are they? What is their purpose or agenda?


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