Restaurants, one

Restaurant is a business establishment that serves food and beverages to the public. The first restaurants operated along roadsides, where travellers stopped to rest and to restore their energy. The word restaurant comes from the Latin word restaurare, meaning to restore.

Today, restaurants may be found almost everywhere–on quiet streets and busy roads; in hotels; in airports, bus stations, and railway stations; in amusement parks; in office buildings; and also in shopping centres.

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1. I can count the number of restaurants in my town or city. Yes or no? If yes, approximately how many restaurants are in your city?

2. What is your favourite restaurant in terms of its food? Describe its food.

3. Describe your favorite restaurant in terms of building, decoration, decor, music, ambiance.

4. What are the most popular restaurants in your city? Why is it so popular?

5. What are some of the more high-class restaurants in your area? Can you describe them? Name the most prestigious or top class restaurant in your city. How much is an average meal there? Who dines there?

Fast Food Restaurants

7. There are many fast food restaurants in my city. True or false? What kinds of food do they offer? When did they first appear?

8. Describe the fast food restaurants in your city. Are they successful and profitable? Who frequents them?

9. What are the most popular fast foods where you live?

10. Are there any fast foods or snacks that are special or unique to your country or region?

11. Some people are critical of fast-food establishments. Is this correct or wrong? Why are they critical?


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