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The Family, three


The smallest family unit consists of two members, such as a parent and child or a couple who share a home and companionship. When a couple have children, the parents and their children make up a nuclear family.

If married children and their offspring live with the parents, the family is called an extended family. An extended family’s household might also include aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Such relatives, along with grandparents, grandchildren, and others, form part of an extended family group even if they live in separate homes.


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Family Values

23. Are there separate role for husbands and wives? Should husbands and wives share household tasks?

24. Which is better, “traditional” family values or “liberal” family values?

25. Do unmarried couples cohabit and have children? Is this good or bad, both or neither?

26. Is divorce a good or bad thing? What is the divorce rate in your country?

27. Is same-sex marriage legal or unrecognized in your country?

28. If someone looses their job or has financial problems, who should help, the family or the government?

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