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Jobs, two


In the past, workers used to get full-time jobs at one company and stay employed there for the rest of their lives.

Today, many workers move from job to job or project to project, or even work independently.

Some work temporary jobs (short-term work) or flex-time jobs, in which employees may choose the start and end time of their workday.


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13. What are some prestigious occupations? Why are they prestigeous? Describe these jobs.

14. What are some glamorous occupations?

15. What are some menial, low-paying, unskilled jobs?

16. Which jobs are very difficult?

17. What jobs are dangerous?

18. Which jobs are very easy?

19. What are some interesting, unusual or exotic occupations?


20. Which jobs have a shortage of workers? There is a shortage of…….

21. Is there a glut of workers? Is there a glut of university graduates?

22. Are there undocumented immigrants in your city or country? What do they do? Why are there illegal migrants in your country?

23. There are many immigrants or migrant workers in my city and country. True or false?


24. Are jobs today the same as jobs 30 years ago? What jobs were common 30 years ago? Some common jobs 30 years ago were……

25. Many people have changed jobs or careers. Yes or no?

26. What will be some common jobs in 2040? In 2040 there will be…..


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