Houses, one


House is a building that provides shelter, comfort, and protection. Houses vary in size from one-roomed mud huts to many-roomed mansions.

They may have only one story (floor), or several stories. They stand in cities, towns, and villages, and in both suburban areas and the country.

Types of houses vary with the needs and wealth of the inhabitants, and with the building materials that are available. Many large buildings are divided into flats, or apartments. Each flat is a complete, self-contained home on one storey.


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Describe your home. What kind of house do you live in? A cottage, farmhouse, apartment, family home, mansion?

Describe your ideal, dream house. What architectural style would it have? Where would it be located? How much would it cost? My dream house would be (small, medium-sized, big, very large; white, beige, blue, green). It would have . . . . rooms. My house would be in . . .

If you won $10 million in the lottery tomorrow, tax-free, what would you do in terms of housing? If I won $10 million in the lottery, I would . . . . . .

What furniture, decorations and artwork would be in your home? I would have . . . . .

Family Home, Detached Home.
Do you prefer to live in a one or two or three storied home?

Low-Rise Building, Apartment.
I like traditional-style homes; I don’t like modern styles. Yes or no? Which is more popular?

Apartment Block, Building.
What sort of building material do you prefer, wood or bricks?

Semi-Detached Home.
If you had enough money, would you own several houses in different parts of the world? If yes, where

Terraced House, Townhouses.
Are middle-class, family homes usually located in the center or in the suburbs (outlying districts)?

Most people in cities live in apartments. True or false?

Do many people live in an apartment in the city, and spend the weekend or holiday in a home in the country or village?

Mansion. Do people prefer to live in the city center or in the suburbs (outer parts of the city) or somewhere in between?

Palace. More people are building homes in the outskirts of cities. Is this correct or wrong?


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