Emigration and

Immigration, one


Immigration is the act of moving into a foreign country to live. The act of leaving one’s country is called emigration.

Most people find it hard to pull up roots in their native land and move to a strange country. But throughout history, countless millions of people have done so.






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1. I am an immigrant. True or false?

2. Have you ever lived in another country? Which country? What was it like there?

3. Are you a migrant within your own country? Have you moved from one place to another within your country? Why did you move? How was your experience?

4. I have friends, relatives and classmates who have emigrated to another country. Is this right or wrong? Where did they go? Why did they emigrate? What do they say? How do they like it? Do they get homesick?

5. Would you or your friends like to emigrate somewhere? If yes, where would you like to emigrate to? Why?

Reasons for Migration

6. Why do people move to other countries?

7. Are there many advantages or benefits of emigrating to another country?

8. What are the disadvantages or drawbacks of emigrating to another country?

9. Have you heard people say, “Once I leave here, I’ll never come back.”?

10. Do immigrants plan of settling permanently; or working, saving money and returning; both or it depends?

11. Many people who emigrated often returned home. Yes or no? Do you know of such repatriates?


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