hobbies 3

Hobbies, part three


Handicrafts involve making things with your hands. Many hobbyists engage in needlework activities, notably crocheting, needlepoint, knitting, and sewing. Using woodworking tools, they can create carvings, furniture, and bowls.

Other handicrafts include ceramics, metalworking, jewellery making, weaving, batik, and leatherworking.

There are countless other hobbies: flying model aeroplanes by remote control, raising pets, gardening, photography, and blogging are rewarding hobbies.

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24. What are some interesting or unusual hobbies that your classmates, friends, or people in your city do?

25. Describe some unusual or fascinating hobbies that you have seen on TV or read about.

26. Is surfing the internet a “real” hobby? Is it the number on activity?

27. What kinds of hobbies do children typically do?

28. Describe the hobbies of teenagers?

29. What hobbies do young adults have?

30. Describe the hobbies of middle-aged people. What kind of hobbies do retire people often have?


31. Give examples of businesses that cater to hobbies?

32. Do you know anyone whose hobby lead to extra income? Talk about some possibilities.

33. I know people who have turned a hobby into a full time profession or business. Yes or no?

34. How could you turn your hobby or passion into a career or business?

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