mysteries two

Mysteries II


Here are some mysteries. What are some possible explanations?

2. The Marie Celeste



crew sail ship
sight another east/eastern
west/western south/southern north/northern
however return signal
drift aim aimlessly
listlessly seem member
row (3) boat on board
nobody cargo find/found
provisions equipment still (2)
meal plate as though/as if
simple simply vanish


In 1872 the crew of the sailing ship Dei Gratia sighted another ship in the eastern Atlantic. However the ship did not return signals and seemed to drift listlessly.

Some crew members from the Dei Gratia rowed a boat to the ship and went on board.

They found nobody, though the cargo, provisions, and most of the equipment were still there, including meals on plates . . . it was as if its crew had simply vanished.


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1. What can you say about the Dei Gratia and the Marie Celeste?

2. The officers and crew of the Dei Gratia were suspicious. Yes or no? Why or why not?

3. What did they do? What did they discover?

4. How do you think the boarding party felt on the Marie Celeste?

5. What are some possible explanations?
A. I have sailed on board a ship. True or false?

B. Do you know anyone who as worked as a merchant sailor or naval sailor, or fisherman? What did they say?

C. I would like to sail on board a cruise liner or submarine. Yes or no?

D. Would you or your friend like to work on board a ship or submarine as a seaman, engineer, cook, navigator, or officer?



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