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Marriage, two


Most couples who marry plan to have children and to raise them together. A husband and wife are required by law to protect and care for their children. Marriage thus serves as the basis of family life.

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Married Life

13. Parents and families strongly influence marriages and relationships. Yes or no? ? How do parents and relatives influence a marriage?

14. Do husbands and wives have different or equal roles in life?

15. Do children make husbands and wives closer or further apart?

16. Who are closer to a wife, her husband or her children or does it vary according to time?

17. Sex is the most important aspect of a relationship. What do you think?

18. Married life is very complex nowadays compared to the past. Do you agree?


19. Humans are naturally monogamous. Do you agree?

20. A happy marriage adds years to a couple’s lives; a unhappy marriage subtracts.

21. Which is better, a monogamous or polygamous society?

22. Are unmarried, single people ostracized and cast out of society?

23. What will happen to marriages in the future?


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