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The News Media, two


Features, Stories, Coverage

14. What do the news typically feature? What are some typical news items?

15. The media always feature natural disasters, crime, accidents, scandals, corruption, war, terrorism and other catastrophes more than school children planting flowers. Why does the media focus on negatives?

16. What are your favorite topics or sections of the newspaper? Give real life examples.

17. Are some newspapers more scholarly, credible, and reputable? Which newspapers are more reputable?

18. Do different newspapers and broadcast news present the news in the same manner — or are there differences in angle, slant, bias, coverage, and objectivity or subjectivity?

Politics, Economics

19. Is there freedom of the press in your country? Can newspapers write anything they wish?

20. Can the media criticize the government?

21. Besides politics and the government, can or should the media criticize society, the establishment, established ways, tradition, the system, the police, the military and religion?

22. There needs to be (some) censorship. Do you agree? Should there be (some) censorship?

23. Some say that businesses control the news media. Explain and give examples.

24. Would you say that certain newspapers and televised news are left, right, center-right, center-left, far-right, far-left, or moderate?

25. There is a constant battle or misunderstandings between the media and individuals, the government and business. Do you agree?

26. Businesses want the media or write positive stories about them; but not negative ones. What do you think? Businesses don’t want crimes committed near or on their property, even if nothing was damaged or stolen. True or false?


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