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Colors, two


Color also serves as a means of communication. In sports, different coloured uniforms show which team the players are in.

In everyday speech, colors are used in various expressions. For example, a sad person feels “blue”, and someone jealous is “green with envy”, while an angry person “sees red”.


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13. What colors do you associate with the seasons: winter, spring, summer, and autumn (fall). Why?

14. Matadors (bull fighters) have red capes. Explain this.

15. On the street, do people react differently to different colors?

16. What is the history or legend of the rainbow? Do you sometimes see them?

17. What plants, animals, or birds have beautiful or bright colors?

18. What can you say about a chameleon? How does it serve as a metaphor?



Psychology, Emotions

19. What colors are associated with love, sadness, happiness, anger?

20. What colors do you associate with paradise?

21. Are certain colors associated with good luck or good fortune?

22. What do you know about color therapy? How does it work?

23. Can colors change or enhance people’s moods? How? For example?

24. Can certain colors be used to relieve stress? Motivate and energize people?
Enhance learning and memory?

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