The Office, one


Vocabulary Relating to Offices

boss employee employer
CEO full-time accountant
service part-time health insurance
attend work hard hardly working
desk supplier organized
client prospect indifferent
fax secretary equipment
chair hard (2) hard copy
xerox document photocopier
copy manager expensive
human break (2) reception
area (2) favorite handyman
nice resource conference
busy meeting human resources
formal dress (2) dress code
suit contract office politics




A. Employees, Employer, Clients, and Suppliers

1. My friend gets along with his or her boss. Is this right or wrong? What does he or she say?

2. Are all the staff in your office full-time, permanent employees?

3. Employers should provide health insurance to all their employees. Do you agree?

4. The secretaries are the hardest workers in the office or company. What do you think?

5. Does the office manager have everything very well organized, is it chaotic, or in between?

6. Everyone treats clients and prospects like kings and queens; but they are indifferent towards vendors and suppliers.



B. Office Equipment

7. Does your office still need a fax machine, photocopier, computer printer and scanner?

8. All contracts are signed on paper. We need hard copies of all contracts. In addition, we print out copies of every document. As a result, the ink or toner cartridge is always running out. We always have to change the toner cartridge of the printer. True or false?

9. Does everyone in the office have their own computer (PC)? Is there a technician who services all the company’s computers?

10. The office chairs are modern and very expensive.

11. It’s okay for the boss to put his feet on his desk. What do you think?

12. Do you have problems with the photocopier about once every quarter (three months)? Does a technician services our photocopier (xerox machine) once every three months?


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