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Names, two

Everyone has a name. Some people have many names. In most countries people have at least two names, a given name and a family name.

The family name is a hereditary name borne by all the members of the family. It is also called a surname or last name, because in some countries it comes after the given name. A given, or first name, distinguishes between the members of a family.

The given names, and the family name together make up a person’s legal name.


13. What happens when a man and woman get married?

14. How are the children of married couples named?

15. I am happy with my name and surname. Yes or no? What about your friends? Do you wish you could change your name and, or surname? If yes, to what?

16. Do some people change their names? Do you know anyone who has changed their names? Why did they do so?

17. Have people changed their names when they move to another country? Can you give examples?

18. Do ethnic minorities have the same or different names as the majority of the population?

New Names

19. The types of names in my nation has changed over its history. True or false? Is true, how and way?

20. Have some people taken or were given “non-traditional” names? Give examples.

21. Do some people in your country have “English” or “American” names?

22. What are some “interesting, unusual or exotic” names that you have heard? Do any of your friends, classmates or colleagues have “exotic” names?

23. What will names of the future be like?

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