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The Doctor, two


Jose had earned top grades in his school in Chile. As a result, he received a scholarship to study at a university in Poland.

In his first year, he and other foreign students took a course in Polish. It was tough going…but most persevered.

They then began four years of medical study.

Along the way, Amin met and befriended fellow student, Cecile, from Malaysia.

After getting their medical degrees, they got married, and emigrated to France.

* * * * * * *

Supply and Demand

11. There are lots of foreign students in my country’s medical schools. Yes or no? If true, where do they come from?

12. Are there many foreign-born doctors and, or nurses in your country? If yes where do they come from?

13. Is there a shortage of doctors and, or nurses in your country or region? Or is there a glut of medical professionals? Why or why not?

14. Do medical professionals, educated and trained in your country, often emigrate? Why and where do they emigrate to?

15. There will be a greater demand for health care professionals in the future. Yes or no?


16. It’s been said that the healthiest, longest lived people seldom if ever visit a doctor. Elaborate on this.

17. Would you like to become a doctor, or other medical professional? Why or why not?

18. Would you like to become a health care provider or worker?

19. What do doctors do in their free time?

20. Are there alternative healers where you live? Describe their practice.


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