police 2

The Police, 2


The police form part of a nation’s criminal justice system, which also includes courts and prisons. Police officers enforce criminal law, which covers murder, robbery, burglary, and other crimes that threaten society. Police officers investigate such crimes and arrest suspected criminals. They also serve as witnesses in court trials.

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12. Do citizens in your community fear or get along with the police? Do citizens trust the police, are they suspicious of them, are people afraid of the police, or it depends?

13. A police officer came to your school or classroom for a lecture or talk. Yes or no? What did he or she talk about?

14. Did your teacher take your class for a visit to the police station? What did you see? What did you learn?

15. The police help in social work or social activities or counseling in the community. Yes or no? Why? Give examples.

16. Does it oftentimes feel like the police are more interested in hassling and harassing innocent civilians than they are in catching the bad guys and preventing “real” crime?

The Police Force

17. What sort of training and preparation must police recruits undergo? How long does it last? What are the requirements for a candidate to become a police officer?

18. The police are effective at catching and arresting criminals and keeping the streets safe?

19. Are there many different departments and agencies and branches of the police in your city?

20. Is the police force very high-tech?

21. What will the police force and police officers of the future be like?




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