utopia four

Utopia, four


Several other books have presented an imaginary ideal state of society. One of the first books describing a utopia was Plato’s Republic (375 B.C.?).

More recent utopias are described in Samuel Butler’s Erewhon, which almost spells nowhere backwards (1872), and Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward (1888).


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You get to design a new country, society, world.


41. How much crime should there be: lots of crime, some crime, little crime or zero crime? Why?

42. Other then zero crimes, how would convicted criminals be dealt with?

43. How could crime be prevented?


44. Describe the educational system. How would you design primary and secondary schools?

45. Describe the tertiary education (colleges and universities).

46. Describe the transportation system: mostly private cars, public transports, or bicycles and walking, a mixture? Which would predominate?


47. Would the following be allowed or legal in your country?

a) Abortion
b) Adultery
c) Alcohol consumption
d) Capital punishment (death penalty)
e) Displaying hard-core art
f) Drug usage
g) Euthanasia
h) Flag burning
i) Gambling
j) Gun ownership
k) Hate literature and speech
l) Junk food; fattening food
m) Marijuana
n) Prostitution
o) Same-sex (gay) marriage
p) School prayer
q) Teaching the Theory of Evolution
r) Tobacco usage


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