Cars, one

The car has been one of the most important facets of modern life. Throughout the world, people use cars to get to work, transport goods, and for enjoyment.

Before the advent of cars people generally walked or rode horses when traveling. But this was slow and the distance covered limited. Wherever they have been introduced, cars have dramatically changed people’s way of life.

Once isolated farms and rural communities come into regular contact with towns and cities — the outside world.


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1. Do you own or drive a car? Do your friends own cars?

2. Driving is fun. True or false?

3. If you could have any car you wanted, what kind of car would you have? I would like to have a . . . . I wish I had a . . . .

4. Where would you like to drive? What are some popular driving routes?

5. Do you know what the statistics say about automobiles and airplanes? What does the average Joe think?






6. Are there not enough cars in your town or city, too many, or is it the right amount?

7. Is the number of cars in your town, city, country increasing, decreasing or staying about the same?

8. What automobiles makes and models are popular where you live?

9. At what age can people get a driver’s license? Is this too young, should it be raised or is it just right?

10. Cars are the number one indicator of a person’s social standing, more so than an house. Do you agree?

11. Women love men with new SUVs, sports cars or luxury cars. True or false?




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