Gender Issues, I


In General

1. What are the status and roles of males and females in your society?

2. Have they always been that way, has it changed and is it changing?

3. Are you satisfied with the way things are or do you want change?

4. In most societies women outlive men. Why is that?

5. It is alright for women to wear men’s clothing, and it is alright for men to wear women’s clothing. True or false? Why?

Careers and Occupations

6. Are there certain jobs with a high concentration of women? Which occupations do women dominate?

7. Do men cluster around certain occupations? Which professions have lots of men?

8. Which fields have equal representations of men and women?

9. In the future women will dominate business, finance, education, government, health, politics. Meanwhile men will do the labouring, blue-collar, and technical jobs.

10. Are the government, schools, parents and society trying to change the status quo?

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