news items one

News Items, one


Here are some news items.

A. How would you describe them? That’s ………

funny worrying fantastic
super touching wonderful
crazy shocking disastrous
boring annoying catastrophic
unusual historical hilarious
scary horrible incredible
mundane messed up outrageous
sad important scandalous
comical sickening sensational
strange surprising stimulating
tragic terrible terrifying
unreal gruesome unbelievable
awesome the usual waste of time

Oh, my god! Wow! What’ll we do now? What do you think about that? As usual. I pity them. Who cares? I can’t believe it! That’s nothing unusual. Oh, no! How terrible! What a pity.

B. Why did this happen?
C. Is this good or bad?
D. What are the consequences?
E. Who would this news item appeal to? Who would be interested in this?

News Items

1. Mrs. Betty Wallis of Exter won £1,000,000 on the football pools today. She lives with her five dogs and twelve cats.

2. Archeologists have unearthed a secret vault in southern Mexico filled with gold artifacts.

3. The Queen’s flu is still not better.

4. “Sin in the Cities” is called the most shocking film ever by critics.

5. An outbreak of a new, virulent virus strain has occurred in Congo.

6. The prime minister of Uruguay has been accused of manipulating data on the government budget.

7. A far-right party has won the most seats in Parliament in the Swedish election.

8. Canada is issuing 1,250,000 immigrant visas.

9. Leonardo Decaprio and Nicole Kidman have announced their engagement.

10. The United States is legalizing same-sex marriages.


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