politics three

Politics, three


Bureaus, Departments, Agencies

1. There are lots of government departments, bureaus, agencies and institutes. Yes or no? Do you think there are too many?

2. Government bureaus, departments, agencies and institutes are usually off-limits and forbidden for citizens to visit. True or false?

3. Do you think they are too posh and expensive to maintain, but provide poor or no services to people?

Changes, Revolutions

4. What have been the major political changes or revolutions in your country? Have they good or bad?

5. Who have been some of the most important or influential politicians or leaders in your country? Why? What did he or she do?

6. Who have been some of the greatest political and, or philosophical thinkers and writers? Why? What influences have they had?

7. People have the right to violently revolt and overthrow unjust governments.

8. What does the government think about criticism and political opponents?


9. Is the political system of your country similar to those of your neighbours or are they quite different? How are they similar and how do they differ? Why are they different or similar?

10. Neighbors or neighboring countries never get along with each other, though non-neighboring countries do. Yes or no?

11. In the past, countries have always tried to increase their territory by taking their neighbors’ lands.

12. Which nations have “good” political systems or governments? Which nations have “bad” governments?

13. Should the world unite into a single world government or a federation?

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