Oceans and Seas


Water Related Vocabulary

river shore wave (3)
coast ocean waterfall
sea stream fresh water
pond puddle spring (3)
tide seaside salt water
lake beach groundwater





A. Seas and Oceans

1. Name the four oceans of the world. How many seas can you name?

2. What is in the ocean? Is it okay to swim in the ocean nearest you?

3. I have been to a sea or ocean. Yes or no? What seas have to been to? What seas would you like to visit? Have some of your friends never seen an ocean?

4. I would you like to be a seaman, sailor, navigator, or engineer on board a ship. True or false? Do you know anyone who is a seaman?

5. Is seafood popular where you live? Where do they come from? Which tastes better river fish, lake fish, or ocean fish, or it makes no difference?



B. Coast, Seaside, Shore

6. Is it “better” for a country to have a seacoast or be landlocked?

7. Are there lots of hotels and resorts at the seaside or shore?

8. There is good fishing along the coast. Fishing is very popular. Is this right or wrong?

9. Can people surf in your ocean or sea? Are there big waves? Do people go windsurfing, sailing, water-skiing, paragliding?

10. Everyone loves going to the beach. Is this correct or incorrect? When do people go to the beach? What do they do there?

11. My friends want to live near the sea. Yes or no? Do you like to take holidays near the sea?

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