Clothing, one

Clothing includes all the different garments, accessories, and ornaments worn by people throughout the world. An Inuit may wear boots, warm trousers, and a heavy coat. An African in a village may wear only a piece of cloth tied around the waist. A nurse may wear a uniform and a special cap. A London banker may wear a business suit and a bowler hat.

Each of these persons dresses differently, but they all feel a need to wear some kind of clothing. Like food and shelter, clothing is one of people’s most important needs.

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1. January. At school or work, I (have to) wear . . . . . . .

2. February. What do you (like to) wear at home? At home I like to wear . . . .

3. March. What are your favorite clothes brands? Why are they your favorite? My favorite brands are . . . .

April. The most prestigious or popular brands are . . . . .

My favorite clothes colors are blue and pink. True or false? Which colors are popular nowadays?

What type of fabric or material do you like? Why do you like them?




July. Describe comfortable clothing. How does it fit? What material is it made of?

Describe uncomfortable clothing.

What kinds of clothes or styles do you hate or dislike? Why? I dislike . . . .

I like to collect clothes. Yes or no?

November. I buy and wear the same type of clothes, e.g. blue jeans.

December. Do you buy or have clothes that you never wear? Are there clothes in your closet that you never wear?

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