tv two

TV, part two

People with a television set can sit at home and watch the leader of a nation make a speech or visit a foreign country. They can government leaders arguing and trying to reach an agreement.

In addition to all the things mentioned in the previous text, television brings its viewers a steady stream of programmes designed to entertain and inform.




History and Politics

15. Which has a more profound impact or effect on people, radio, newspapers, TV, or Twitter?

16. Television has effected the course of history. What do you think? If yes, how has it affect history?

17. How significant is television in politics? the economy? on society?

18 How has television changed and developed over the past 10, 20, 40, 60 years?

19. What did people do before the advent of television?


20. People can become addicted to TV. Do you agree? Are some people addicted to TV? Why are some people “addicted” to television?



22. People can develop health problems from watching too much television. True or false?


22. TV can influence or change peoples’ attitudes, behaviour, thinking. What do you think?

23. TV’s can be good or bad for people. What do you think?

24. It is possible to pick up a foreign language from watching TV.

25. Why is television so popular?



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