Colors, one

Colour fills the visual world, from flowers and the red and golden-yellow leaves of autumn to the arch of a rainbow.

People can choose the colours of their clothes and home decorations to suit their tastes.





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1. Quick. Name the first colour that comes to your mind. What do you think the most common answer is?

2. What’s your favourite colour? My favorite color is . . . . . Why? What (objects) do you associate with that?

3. Do you like clothes of certain colors? Which colors do you like for your pants, shirt, jacket, shoes?

4. My school, university, or company has school or company colors. True or false?

5. Do you belong to a club, group, or association that has a certain color?




Culture, Society, Nation

6. Business people must wear dark, navy-blue suits. Yes or no?

7. What color of clothes do brides and bridegrooms wear when they get married in your country? Is this universal?

8. What color of clothing do people wear at funerals? People wear . . . . clothes at funerals.

9. Do you associate certain colors with masculinity (boys, men)? What colors do you associate with femininity (girls, women)?

10. Name the colors of the flag of your country. What do they represent?

11. What color of clothing and dress are fashionable these days?

12. Does it make any difference what color and number of flowers you give to someone?

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