Advertising, I

Advertising is a message designed to promote a product, a service, or an idea. In many countries, people come into daily contact with many kinds of advertising.

Printed advertisements make up a large part of newspapers and magazines. Poster advertisements appear in many buses, and in shops and other public buildings.

Commercials are advertisements which interrupt TV and radio programs. Other types of advertisements are called adverts or ads.

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Here are some advertisements. For each, answer the following questions.

1. What do you see? Where is this place?

2. Are there any characters? Who were the characters? What are the people doing? What is happening?

3. What is the product or service? What is being sold?

4. Who is the company?

5. What is the message?

6. Who is the target?

7. Where would you see this ad?

8. What would viewers think? What would be their reaction?



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1. Personal issues

1. Do you like advertisements? Or do they bug (bother, annoy) you? Or does it depend?

2. Describe some of your favorite advertisements.

3. Would you like to see and hear more, less, or the same amount of advertisements? Are there not enough, too many or just the right amount of ads?

4. Do you receive a lot of “junk mail”? Who are they from? Do you read them? What do you do with them?

5. All advertising are “true” and “accurate”. What do you think? Are some advertisements exaggerated or do some have false claims?

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2. Changes

6. Over the years, have there been more, less, or the same amount of advertising where you live? Explain any changes.

7. How has advertising changed or evolved over the years?

9. What have been the roles of signs, newspapers, magazines, posters, billboards, TV, fliers, T-shirts, pens, cups, the internet in advertising?

10. What will advertising and advertisements be like in the future?

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