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Hotel, three


The engineering department keeps the hotel’s electricity, plumbing, heat, and air conditioning in good working order. The hotel security department works to prevent fire, theft, and other disturbances.

Some hotel restaurants provide room service, by which guests can have food and beverages brought to their rooms. In certain hotels, guests also can have clothing laundered by the hotel’s valet service.

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25. Hotels are glamorous and romantic places for cocktails, parties, and meeting women and men.

26. Celebrities stay in posh hotels. When they do, hundreds of fans greet them at the front.

27. Hotels are frequent settings for movies and TV programs.

28. Many fashion shows and venues take place in hotels.

29. Are there “bad” or “seedy” hotels or hotel districts?

30. What can you say about Couch Surfing or

31. Are hostels becoming more popular? Why or why not?


32. Do some people live in hotels? Why do they live in hotels?


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