subtropical fruits

Subtropical Fruits


Vocabulary for fruits

pear melon raspberry
plum peach watermelon
berry papaya strawberry
dates mango coconut
apple cherry pineapple
olives orange apricot
kiwi lemon avocado
lime banana blueberry
nectarine cantelope tangerine

Subtropical Fruits

14. In wintertime, the only fruits the shops sell are apples, oranges, and bananas. True or false?

15. Dried figs and grapes (raisins) are popular snacks. Yes or no?

16. Lemons are quite expensive and my mother only buys one or two at a time. Yes or no?

17. Are dates, raisins, and dried figs popular snacks?

18. Is extra-virgin olive oil good for your health? Should it be used for frying or as a raw salad oil?


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