History, I


History is the study of the human past. The past has left many traces, including traditions, folk tales, works of art, archaeological objects, and books and other written records. Historians use all these sources, but they mainly study the past as it has been recorded in written documents. Thus, history is generally limited to human events that have taken place since the development of writing about 5,500 years ago.


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1. History is or was my favorite school subject. Yes or no?

2. Is the teaching and study of history in school important? Why or why not? For example?

3. In school, we studied mostly dates, kings, queens, political events, diplomacy, wars, and affairs of state. True or false?

4. Should history focus more on economic and social conditions, tools and innovations, the development of religions, arts, and other elements of culture?

5. Besides the history of your nation, do teachers emphasize world history?

6. Are history lessons and history books objective or subjective? Are history books and everything taught in school balanced and impartial (unbiased), or is it one-sided?

Past Events

7. For you, which is the most interesting time or period from the past?

8. What periods and events are the proudest and most important for your nation?

9. I would like to visit the past. Yes or no? If yes, what time period? Would you like to live there?

10. Events that took place thousands of years ago still affect us now. Do you agree? If yes, can you give examples?

11. Which historical event have become national holidays in your country?


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