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Customs and Laws, 1


Practices that change frequently are called fashions. They include social dances, styles of dress, and slang expressions. A fashion may become a custom through long usage.

For example, eating with a fork was a fashion in Europe during the 1500’s, but it is now a custom throughout the Western world.


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Why do they have these customs and laws? Are they “good”, “bad”, both or either?

1. In China, when you use chopsticks, you shouldn’t leave them upright in a bowl.

2. If you drink and drive in Sweden, you will go to prison for six months.

3. You are not allowed to call a pig “Napoleon” in France.

4. In Brazil, you must never make the “OK” sign with your thumb.

5. In the Middle East, you shouldn’t admire anything in your hosts’ home.

6. You mustn’t eat chewing gum in Singapore. It’s against the law.

7. In India, you shouldn’t thank your host at the end of a meal (it’s considered rude).


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