elections and voting

Elections and Voting



1. There are free elections in my country. Yes or no?

2. Election campaigns feel exciting! There is a festive, carnival, party-like atmosphere. What do you think? Everyone is excited like a big celebration. Do you agree?

3. Are you or your family or friends involved in election campaigns?

4. Televised debates and news on election results are like Olympic competitions and sporting championships.

5. Oftentimes, there is bitter rivalry, fighting and fierce competition.

6. Can election campaigning become nasty, vicious and dirty?


7. Are referendums, ballot initiatives and plebiscites common in your province and, or country? What are some of the issues that have been put before voters?

8. Who in your country are allowed to vote? What is the legal age for voting? Are there people who are not allowed to vote? Can prisoners and ex-convicts vote? Should some people not be allowed to vote?

9. How much (subconscious) influence does the looks or physical appearance of candidates for political office have on voters? Describe an “ideal” candidate based on outer appearance, age, behaviour, etc. on television.

10. A large part of the population does not vote. What is the percent of voter turnout? Why do some or many people not vote? Is this good or bad?

11. Sometimes or oftentimes, democracy is not ideal because (uneducated, ignorant or misinformed) people vote for demagogues.

12. In the future, all voting and ballot initiatives will be conducted online. What do you think? What are the pros and cons of this?

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