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Fashion, pt 1


Fashion is a term commonly used to describe a style of clothing worn by most of the people of a country. However, popular styles of cars, furniture, homes, and many other products are also fashions.

The kinds of art, music, literature, and sports that many people prefer can likewise be called fashions. Thus, a fashion is–or reflects–a form of behaviour accepted by most people in a society.


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Everyday Fashion

1. Describe the latest trends among young people.

2. Fashion is important to me. Yes or no?

3. People in my school, workplace, or neighborhood are fashion conscious. True or false?

4. Who are the most fashionable person in your class, company or among your friends? Describe them.

5. Do you like fashion changing all the time, or fashion staying the same?

6. Would you prefer everyone just wearing denim blue jeans, trainers (sneakers), and shirts?


7. What cities or places are centers of fashion? Give examples.

8. What are the fashion centers of your country?

9. People are very fashion conscious in which cities or places? Give examples.

10. What can you say about clothes or other items made in different countries?


11. Who are more fashion conscious, men or women? Why?

12. Who are more fashionable, children, teenagers, young adults, middle-aged people, or senior citizens? Why? Give examples.

13. How long do new clothes remain in fashions?

14. Do you prefer everyone following the current fashion; or one in which people wear whatever they want?

15. I know people who go against fashion trends. They dress differently. Yes or no? Describe them.


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