school 3

School, three


Their teacher is in a distant broadcasting studio. The pupils converse with a teacher by means of a talk-back radio system. This school of the air is not a building to which students go to learn, but it is a school.

School System

21. What do you think of separating students at the fifth grade into different schools: one to prepare students for university, and another oriented to vocational-technical training.

22. Boys and girls should be educated separately in separate schools. Do you agree?

23. Boarding schools are better for students. What do you think?

24. Students should wear school uniforms. Do you agree? What are the pros and cons of this?

25. The school year should be year-round. Do you agree?

Morals, Character, Instillation

26. Young students should be taught and instilled with patriotism, loyalty and pride in their country. They should say the pledge of allegiance and sing patriotic songs. Yes or no?

27. Students need to be taught honesty, good manners and behaviour. Do you agree?

28. Constantly bad or problem students should be expelled from school. Yes or no?

29. Students should sometimes or often challenge or question the teacher and textbooks.

30. Schools should have religious lessons. What do you think?


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