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Music, three

Music also plays a major role in other arts. Opera combines singing and orchestral music with drama. Ballet and other forms of dancing need music to help the dancers with their steps and evoke an atmosphere.

Film and TV dramas use music to help set the mood and emphasize the action. Also, composers have set many poems to music.

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22. Would you like to be a professional symphony or concert musician, pop musician, singer, song writer, music composer, or studio or sound engineer or technician?

23. The mid-1970’s through the early 90s) was the “Golden Age” of pop music.

24. The synthesis of contemporary and traditional and folk music is common.

25. Music lessons an important part of a good education for students; musical ability is very good for people.

26. Music affects people similarly to that of drugs.

27. The hit charts are dominated by artists and songs from the U.K. and U.S. It should be more international.

28. Rock music stimulates one’s appetite while classical music makes people eat more slowly.

29. Music therapy can cure psychological and physical problems and improve your health.

30. Can music affect plants? Do plants react to music? Do different types of music (e.g. classical, rock, heavy metal, love songs) affect plants differently?

31. Music runs in the family: from grandfathers to aunts, uncles, fathers, mothers to children.

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