Singing, I

Singing is the production of musical tones by the human voice with or without words. Singing is a natural form of expression found in cultures and societies throughout the world. Singing may be accompanied by instrumental music, or it may be a cappella (without instrumental accompaniment).

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1. I enjoy singing. Yes or no?

2. Which songs do you like to sing?

3. Is it difficult to learn new songs or does it come naturally?

4. Who among your friends like to sing the most? Which of your friends likes to sing?

5. I want to be a pop singer. My friend also wants to be a pop star. True or false?


6. At school, we learn(ed) many different songs. True or false? About how many different songs did you learn at school?


7. What songs do you remember?

8. Do you give performances and have shows? Or did you give performances and have shows?

9. We learned national and patriotic songs in school. Is this right or wrong? Are there lots of national or patriotic songs?

10. Did you learn Christmas and other holiday songs?

11. We learn(ed) fairy-tale songs and songs about stories. Is this correct or incorrect? What songs did you learn?

12. Were there lots of shows, performances and concerts in your school auditorium?

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