seas and oceans

Ponds, Lakes, Rivers


Water Related Vocabulary

lake coast wave (3)
shore ocean waterfall
sea beach fresh water
pond puddle spring (3)
tide seaside salt water
river stream groundwater




C. Lakes, Ponds, Streams, Rivers

12. I like to swim in lakes or ponds. True or false?

13. What lives in the lake, river, and pond? What can you find in lakes, rivers and ponds?

14. Are there lots of river barges sailing up and down the river?

15. Which is safer to swim in, fresh-water lakes or saltwater seas? Why?

16. People like to live near lakes or rivers. Is this right or wrong? Do they like to visit lakes and rivers?

D. Other

17. What happens when a car drives over a puddle of water?

18. Is there a waterfall in your area? Have people dived off waterfalls?

19. What can you say about spring water? Have you drunk natural spring water?

20. Where does bottled water come? Does it come from natural spring water?

21. What can you say about wells? Do some people still use wells?

22. There are lot mineral springs that have become resorts. Yes or no?

23. Is there too much rain and water, not enough rain and water, or just the right amount?

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