favorites four

Favorites, four

Internet, Possessions, Clothes




app website webpage
blog rock (3) stamp (2)
vlog amulet channel (3)
coin poster painting
stone upload necklace
ring earring bracelet
gold silver watch (2)
luck jewelry lucky charm




The Internet

1st (First Question). My favorite website is Google.com! True or false? What is your favorite search engine? Can you find anything you need? Are there any problems with search engines?

2nd (Second Question). Do you use social media? Do you have social media accounts? What is your favorite social media platform? Do you friends have the same social media app?

3rd (Third Q). What is your favorite YouTube channel or genre of videos: music videos, sporting events, food, travel, fashion, celebrities, news, movie and TV show clips, documentaries,

4th (Fourth). Do you play online games, video games or computer games? How many different online games do you play? Describe your favorite game. What are your friend’s favorite games?



Clothing, Clothes

5th (Fifth). My favorite clothes are sports suits (track suits). Is this right or wrong? What is your favorite type of clothing? Do all your friends like to wear the same type of clothes?

6th (Sixth). Do you like to wear certain shoes? How many pairs of shoes do you have? Which is your favorite pair of shoes?

7th (Seventh). Blue is my favorite clothes color. Yes or no? Do boys and girls have different color preferences?

8th ( Eighth ). Do you have a favorite T-shirt or shirt?




9th ( Ninth ). I have a collection (of coins, stamps, rocks, photos, antiques, devices). Is this right or wrong?

10th ( Tenth ). Do you have a favorite possession, i.e. a necklace, ring, device, smartphone, picture, souvenir?

11th ( Eleventh ). What are your friends’ or classmates’ favorite item or possession?

12th ( Twelfth ). Do you or your friends have a lucky charm? What are some lucky charms in your country?

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