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Parties and Feasts, II


During some feasts and festivals, adults stay away from their jobs, and children stay home from school. Some people celebrate happy events by decorating their homes and streets, wearing special clothes, and exchanging gifts. Many of these celebrations include the preparation of special meals, dancing, and parades. Solemn occasions may be observed with fasts, meditation, and prayer.

In the past, nearly all feasts and festivals were religious. Today, many of them celebrate nonreligious events. This article discusses feasts and festivals in five major religions.

At Parties

14. What kind of music is played? Describe the type of music played.
Is it provided by professional entertainers?

15. Are there any special decorations at your parties?

16. Which is best, parties at homes, at restaurants, halls, or other places?


17. On what occasions do you have feasts? Who attends your feasts?

18. What happens at your feasts? What happens at some of the feasts you have attended?

19. What foods or dishes are often served at feasts?

20. How long do feasts last?

Changes, History

21. Have parties and feasting changed over the years, or from when you were a child?

22. Describe old, traditional parties or feasts.

23. Are parties getting bigger or smaller or staying the same size?

24. Did you enjoy parties more as a child—and less as you grew older?

25. Are parties and feasts the happiest times for a community?

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