Debates, 1

How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

a) I agree completely
b) I agree somewhat.
c) In the middle. So-so. It depends. Yes and no. Maybe. Perhaps.
d) I disagree.
e) I totally disagree.

Say why, and give examples.

Medicine and Health

1. Everyone should become (lacto-ovo) vegetarians. What percent of the population in your city are vegetarians?

2. The cloning and genetic engineering of animals and people should be allowed.

3. The fermentation, distillation, sales and consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products should be banned (in other words, alcohol and cigarettes should be illegal).

4. Marijuana (and other soft drugs) should be legalized.

5. Family planning (birth control, contraception, abortion) should be banned.

6. There must be universal health insurance. Everyone must be covered by medical insurance. Everyone should have free medical care.


7. All tariffs and quotas ought to be completely eliminated. In other words, there should be complete free trade.

8. Taxes should be lower for rich people.


9. Technology, computers, telecommunications, medicine, biochemistry is changing too rapidly for me!

10. For many people, their lives revolve around smart phones, social media, email, texting and surfing the internet!


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