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University, Four

In addition, universities prepare students for certain professions such as architects, engineers, doctors, teachers, lawyers, agricultural experts, accountants, business administrators, and the like.

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University Life

34. In American universities, students spend a lot of time doing hobbies, sports, drinking, partying, socializing, making out with their girlfriends and boyfriends. What do you think about this?

35. Is life at your university serious and academic or is there a party atmosphere?

36. Most university students in my city and country don’t care about university life; they only care about academics and part-time work. Yes or no?

37. Do people usually meet their best friends and future spouse in universities?

The Real World

38. Having a university degree will guarantee success in life. Do you agree?

39. What percent or fraction of university graduates work in their studies? What percent work in fields unrelated ot their studies?

40. The main purpose of universities is becoming successful and prosperous. What do you think?

41. Too many university students major in art, literature, history, philosophy, psychology, sociology; and not enough in science, engineering, computers, and math. Is this correct or wrong?

42. There are too many university graduates and not enough mechanics, plumbers, and electronics technicians. True or false?

43. If schools and universities only emphasize math, science, engineering, technology and computers, society will become a dictatorship, like Nazi Germany. What do you think?


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