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Computer Games, I


Electronic game is a game played using a computer and a video display. Such games, including video games and computer games, have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment.

When electronic games were first widely introduced, most people considered them novelties or children’s toys.

Today, statistics indicate that the average electronic game player is an adult. As players have matured, games have grown in sophistication and diversity.

Many scholars now consider electronic games to be a significant form of cultural expression, much like popular music, television, or motion pictures.

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Computer Games

1. How many different computer games are there?

2. What are some popular games?

3. How often do new games come out on the market or online?

4. How much do the games cost? Are there free games?

5. Are there software games that you install on your computer or are there online games, or both?

6. What will be the future of computer games? What will happen in the future?

In General

7. I like to play computer games. True or false?

8. Do all, most, about half, some, few or none of your friends play computer video games?

9. What are your favorite games?

10. Describe your favorite game.

11. Do you play the same games year after year, or do you play new games, or both?

12. How many computer games have you tried?

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