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Colours, three


The colours of some animals help them attract mates. The most conspicuous example is the male peacock spreading its brightly coloured feathers when courting a female.

Some experts say colour therapy can benefit people.


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Business and Politics

25. What colours do you associate with capitalism, communism, socialism, environmentalism? Give examples.

26. Do certain colours represent certain political parties? For example?

27. Do the army, navy, air force, and marines have their own colours?

28. What colours are associated with war and peace?

29. How would you describe your local marketplace or bazaar?

Colour Associations

30. When I hear the word “blue”, I think of ……………

31. I associate the colour “green” with……………….

32. What comes to mind when someone says “red”?

33. What comes to mind when you hear the word “white”?

34. What do you associate with “yellow”?

35. What comes to mind when you hear “grey”?

36. What do you associate with the colour “purple” or “violet”?


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