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Other house styles are a result of social conditions. For example, in Britain during the early 1800’s, many wealthy people and the nobility commissioned the best architects to design their homes. They built fine, graceful houses suited to a leisurely life requiring large domestic staffs. But, today, most new houses are easy to maintain and comfortable for small families.

Local styles of houses are now less common than in earlier times. House styles have become more uniform in most parts of the world, because of new building materials and methods. A factory may produce prefabricated parts for houses to be erected quickly on site, instead of being built in stages.


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23. Describe the average, middle-class home where you live. Are they mostly of a “modern style” or based on a traditional style, or do they combine elements of both?

24. Do most homes in your village, town or city have a wall or fence surrounding it?

25. Which type of building material you like better, brick, wood, or concrete? Which type is more common in your region or country?

26. Which town, village, city, or country has houses you like or admire?


27. Do you know most of your neighbours? Are they your friends?

28. Have you seen some of your neighbours for 10, 20 years, but never really made friends with them?

29. Do you live in a house in a village with few neighbours, but know them? Or do you live in an apartment building with many neighbours, but know only a few of them?

30. Do your neighbours sometimes annoy you? How?

31. Is home ownership the ultimate goal of most people? Is it the “American Dream”?

32. Has there been communal housing or communes? Would you like to live on a commune?


33. In terms of housing how has the cityscape changed over the years?

34. Are there many old, abandoned homes? Where were they? How did it feel? Would you like to refurbish and occupy it? Why or why not?

35. Does your country have a folklore tradition of “haunted houses”? Are there many books and stories about haunted houses?

36. What will the homes of the future be like?


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