fashion two

Fashion, pt 2

A fashion remains popular for a few months or years before being replaced by yet another fashion. A product or activity is in fashion or is fashionable during the period of time that a large segment of society accepts it.

After a time, however, the same product or activity becomes old-fashioned when the majority of people no longer accept it.


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Fashion Shows

16. Do you like to watch fashion shows? What is their purpose? What do you think of them? Where are the centers of fashion and style?

17. What messages do fashion shows and models send to audiences?

18. Who is your favorite fashion designer? What are some of his or her creations?

19. Would you like to be a fashion designer? What would you have to do to become one?


20. Do you have a favorite fashion model?

21. Have you ever been a fashion model? A few of my classmates or friends been fashion models. True or false?

22. I would you like to be a model. Yes or no? Would you like to look like a model?

23. Who among your classmates, friends, coworkers could be a model?


24. Which decade or year had the “best” fashion? What’s your favorite decade in terms of fashion? What are your favorite style of dress / clothes?

25. Can you distinguish the style of 1920’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s?

26. What historical time and place had the best fashions?

27. What are your favourite fashions from any culture, time and place? For example: ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Medieval England, France, Byzantine; Persia, Renaissance Italy, France; Louis IX France, Ottoman Turkish, Baghdad, Victorian Britain, Russia, China, India, Japan, South American Hacienda, 18th century French and Austrian, Wild West, Cavemen.

28. Two hundred years from now, people will still be wearing jeans, shirts, short skirts, suits and ties. What do you think?

Fashion Industry

29. Is the fashion industry very big business? Give examples. Is it big business where you live?

30. How could you get a piece of the action? (How could you profit from it?)

31. Celebrities dictate fashions trends. Yes or no? Can actors, actresses, singers, and TV personalities influence fashions? Can you think of examples?

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